About Enigma Solutions

Las Vegas is recognized around the world for entertainment, hospitality, and service. Arguably, Las Vegas was built on the level of service that guests received visiting our city. Unlike the Casinos, convention centers, and meeting facilities, service has become less important than profitability and revenue across many businesses. Enigma Solutions is passionate about service. Our employees have been selected from many different trades, based on their commitment to providing legendary service. Enigma Solutions is committed to bringing a level of service to Apartments, Property Managers, and Commercial Real Estate that is founded upon the cornerstone of exceeding expectations in quality, service, and price.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring professionals from various trades, under one roof, in order to provide a service that cannot be matched in our community. From cleaning to general services, Enigma Solutions takes the scheduling and worry out of turning a rental property, commercial space, or apartment with one simple phone call. We are so sure of our ability to exceed your expectations, that Enigma Solutions offers a 96-hour guarantee to complete the work you have requested.


96-Hour Guarantee

Founded by a former Marine Corps Officer, Enigma Solutions is designed to be responsive, thorough, and effective when it comes to understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations. Within 24 hours of contacting Enigma Solutions, a representative will meet with you to understand your property and what needs to be done. Once, we understand your expectations, we guarantee to have your property prepared for showing, selling, or renting within 96 hours.

* The 96-Hour Guarantee is for the basic cleaning package


What We Specialize In

Cleaning Solutions

A staff of professional cleaners ensure that your property is aesthetically cleaned. This includes under and behind appliances, ceiling fans and vents, lighting fixtures, base boards, and bathrooms.


A Full Staff of Professionals

Enigma Solutions have, on staff, professionals who can perform functions to get your property back into shape. These services include, but are not limited to appliance replacement, dry-wall repair and replacement, blinds and screens, and fixture replacement.


To fully experience the difference we offer, simply call or email Enigma Solutions. We are passionate about what we do and the service we provide. Taking the headache out of re-vitalizing your property and minimizing the amount of time it remains vacant is our business and there is no other organization more committed to your satisfaction.

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