Every ideal property has one key thing in common: a great floor. At Enigma 1 Solutions we believe that success starts from the ground up. That’s why our team of licensed professionals want to make the floors of your property the best that they can be. It’s the mission of the Enigma staff to provide outstanding flooring services to each of our clients. Our staff is a group of qualified professionals who work with every client in order to create their desired result. Each of our flooring services can be specially crafted to suit the individual needs of any given property. Our team handles everything from carpeting to tile and grout. Any property, whether commercial or residential is entitled to fantastic flooring. All of us here at Enigma 1 Solutions are ready to help you take the fuss out of your flooring situation. By choosing Enigma, our clients are guaranteed to experience the full benefit of our amazing flooring options. We ensure that all clients will enjoy a professional, thoroughly satisfying flooring operation. Our team will evaluate each property carefully to make sure each client is pleased with the ideal plans for their property. We understand that every aspect of managing a property is important. So our team is here to make sure that flooring is the least of your worries. Pricing for flooring services is available through three custom service packages. Pricing is dependent upon the wishes of the client and the unique needs of the property. Please contact a professional member of the Enigma 1 Solutions staff for details.

Basic flooring services will include:

  • Carpet cleaning and replacement
  • Hardwood flooring replacement
  • Tile repair and maintenance (including steam cleaning)
  • Steam cleaning of grout
  • Linoleum
  • Additional turn-key property management services

To learn more about the flooring services we offer, please contact a member of the Enigma 1 Solutions staff at (702-955-4147), or if you are ready, request flooring services now!

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